How to make a circular handicraft model

by:Real Fine     2020-08-11
For many carpentry lovers, more like, just dig in. Always wanted to do some complex three-dimensional pattern or circular handicraft. But troubling them is usually only ordinary miniature engraving machine, and this kind of carving machine is usually 3 axis, can only processing plane and simple relief. In fact many people don't know, we just spend a little money, add a rotation axis can solve these problems. This is usually say false 4 axis engraving machine. False 4 axis engraving machine in the process of carving, the real is three axis, that is to say, engraving machine engraving of time is just around the axis of rotation. The carving machine is normally used for cylindrical relief, which is in the cylinder surface relief carving, wood and stone materials, such as the famous panlong column, there are some can through this three axis and axis of engraving machine. These are the production process of some common patterns.
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