How to make accord with modern all kinds of household style resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-10-08
Household market for European household style into has driven the market of Europe type handicraft furnishing articles, nowadays more and more people begin to Europe type style of household is very interested, and matching European handicraft furnishing articles as popular, maybe there are a lot of people don't know about European act the role ofing is tasted furnishing articles, the resin handicraft factory in quanzhou then explain: European handicraft furnishing articles furnishing articles from the traditional Chinese arts and crafts of material is actually not much difference, is the same with the material such as wood, jade, resin, but the difference is the design style of the handicraft furnishing articles, most of the design theme of Chinese traditional handicraft furnishing articles in animals and plants is given priority to, characters are mostly legend character is given priority to, make an attention is the product made of delicate and beautiful, lifelike, the color of the products will not be too fancy, usually based on color or other material of a kind of color, such as resin handicraft furnishing articles. And handicraft furnishing articles the subject of much of Europe type style is a person or a scene in real life is the design idea, the design of animals like to head for the subject, make most of products are relatively abstract, in the shape of the product is given priority to with coloured drawing or pattern, this and the Europe type style is very similar, with different household style on household design and production of goods, must fit the characteristics of Chinese traditional arts and crafts and European furnishing articles, create suitable for China's modern home decoration, as well as comply with European household style handicraft furnishing articles, the choice of the material on this question is very important, and the resin handicraft resin material should be suitable in this respect, the resin handicraft factory in quanzhou is in this aspect of their design concept.
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