How to make gift promotion differentiation value

by:Real Fine     2020-08-31
Consumer era, gift industry franchisees on business strategy not only want to make good use of internal resources (membership service, and to create differentiated competitive, stores also need skillfully by external resources for members with a variety of value-added services. So, how to make gift promotion differentiation value? Promotion of giving gift is not the end of an old customer sales, but the beginning of the new customer marketing, gift promotion should use opportunely gifts make differentiation value. So, on the choice of gift shop owners will move more somewhat. Through differentiation strategy of gifts brand point also can find more 'repeat' or word-of-mouth consumers. For gift, if the owner to prepare capital is abundant, is relatively high value products, then it is presented on the craft is exquisite. Such gifts are generally given to bulk purchase of consumers or the important customer, so the choice of gift is with their living standards, or if the product is a rough presented to a customer life consumption level is very high, may be the gift he will not take it home. In addition, you can also use consumers didn't use the same grade of products to replace, so that consumers can meet again in the process of using the brand new products, increase the chance of buying. For the relatively small value of the product, just his practical test. In particular, some related to consumers' life, such as cooking oil vouchers, wash the car vouchers and so on, is that these products of different industry cooperation, can also be digging into useful customer information, in the sales promotion in the future to strengthen the mining of target consumption group.
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