If you are asked to list a must-have product list in summer

by:Real Fine     2020-06-13
Round- framed Glasses Round-framed glasses are the original eyeglasses design. In the early20th century, round eyeglasses were the only shape you could find. Round eyeglasses are simple and natural, honest and intelligent, thoughtful, independent, and smart. Round glasses have always been a favorite picked by movie stars, sports athletes, authors, celebrities, and political figures (Mahatma Gandhi) to add personality and flair. There is no idea whether the popularity of round-framed glasses has something to do with 'Harry Potter'. The reality is the once least popular glasses has become the hottest choice. No matter the overall retro glasses or fashionable ones all attract a lot of people. If you can only buy a pair of sunglasses in the summer of 2011, then it must be round-framed glasses. Colorful Sunglasses In recent years, especially in summers, colorful things are becoming more and more popular. Sunglasses are also not out of exceptions. For example, Emilio Pucci has launched its new sunglasses. All of these sunglasses are colorful. You can find they are of bright red, light purple and many other bright colors. They are very popular after being launched. But various colors are one of the important reasons to make them popularized. In the summer of 2011, what we want is not only the colorful lens or frame, but also a combination of color and innovation. Colored resin frame sunglasses are a popular choice for summer, but every fall, the editors began on satirical colored sunglasses do not grade, filling with colors of the design division this year have to do is let them shut up. Cat Eye Sunglasses Round box? Cat Eye? Wayfarer? Club master? Which belongs to the classic style? In the summer of 2011, the answer is the Cat Eye. If sunglasses are not made of apples, triangular, odd shapes such as heart sit would be really hard to disassociate themselves with the retro, classic style, after all, the new design are a minority. In fact, the classic feeling lies in the color of the mood and details of the modification, rather than copying the old design: for example, JOHN GALLIANO sunglasses is full of the reminiscence of Victorian gentlemen and ladies; while MONTBLANC and PRADA sunglasses make you think of the elegant housewife in50years. If the sunglasses you want can not only keep the eyes out of the sun but also looks cool, you can try to wear classic sunglasses, which makes you like passing through the dream era with mask.
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