If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, be sure

by:Real Fine     2020-06-14
Dolphins Cove is located on Treasure Beach amidst the picturesque surroundings of Jamaica's famous north coast where most tourist attractions are located. Surrounded by five acres of lush rain forests, it encompasses a natural cove that is perfect for various water activities. The entrance ticket allows you the following activities, any number of times you wish: Captain your own mini boat and venture out into the Caribbean Sea, kayak on a glass-bottom kayak, explore the underwater world, enjoy an amusing shark show, and interact with the exotic birds, iguanas, birds and snakes on the jungle trail. The main attraction here is a swim with a family of bottleneck dolphins. The trainers will give you a basic lesson after which you can go into the water and soon you'll find yourself in company of two very playful dolphins. Once you begin floating, they'll push you forward with their fins and also perform various activities. Before you know it, the trainer will blow the whistle and instantly the dolphins will leave you signaling the end of the swim. If you are looking for something more adventurous, the park will not disappoint. If you found swimming with the dolphins fun but tame, you can try swimming with the sharks in their enclosure. You can also hold a trained nurse shark on your lap. You can also swim with them, hold and feed them and learn about their evolutionary secrets. If you want a break, you can relax on the glistening white beach, enjoy a picnic or simply appreciate the views. There is also a gift shop on the grounds where you can shop for the famous Blue Mountains coffee and other souvenirs. Also don't forget to watch the shark show complete with one-legged pirates roaming along the boardwalk and performing a gig or two. At the end of the day, head to your Jamaica villas, cottages and apartments to relax, soak in the tub and feel the tiredness seep away from the body, and then be pampered to a sumptuous local delights prepared by the cook while reliving the experiences of the day.
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