Imitation bronze resin handicraft is how made

by:Real Fine     2020-09-21
Imitation bronze resin handicraft mainly formula of raw materials are copper powders, get together ammoniac fat varnish. Will first copper powders into a small bowl, add a little banana oil and fully mixing into a thin paste, but can't be too thin, then stir in polyvinyl chloride resin varnish evenly. Adopt clean brushes to gold liquid evenly in product body surface, coating as thin as possible in the first time usually wait for dry after appearing when not in hands before being the second time brushing, brush and then on a layer of varnish as brightener. Powder, bronze powders is generally divided into red light green light powder, green red powder, etc. , according to different products need different raw materials. , of course, in the concrete operating gold liquid should be along with use, otherwise will not be able to use and discard after the knot. Mold according to the classification of machining technology of metal, the commonly used are: stamping die, including blanking die, bending die, drawing die, turn over the hole pattern, shrinkage cavity die, and die, the bulging die, plastic mould, etc. ; Forging die, including forging die, upsetting forging die, etc; And the extrusion die and the die mold. In the process of metal trophy, photographic etching technology. In full uniform cambium-like the surface of the metal trophy by optical drug resistance film, and through the original film, using uv exposure, such as, imaging processing, to form the shape to the drug resistance of layer of coating film was, again with acid or alkali etching bath, produces chemical or electrochemical erosion to show department, to dissolve the metal.
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