Imitation white marble handicrafts production process

by:Real Fine     2020-08-25
A, tools and materials to prepare quartz powder, quartz sand, mica powder, titanium dioxide, cement, alum stone, 191 # resin, promoting agent, initiator. Second, according to the proportion of compound - adding polyvinyl alcohol to 1000 1300 copies of hot water, stirring edge heating until completely dissolved, then cool to 60 degrees 70 degrees, under stirring constantly add alcohol and alcohol to join again after cooling to 60 degrees, and then slowly under stirring constantly dripping with acetone, add finished, with gauze filtering, cooling to room temperature for use, brush with wool brush or spray gun spray. 3, production process 1, die mold finishing will first clean ( The silicone mold, mold steel, wood pattern, steel, gypsum mold, clay) And makes it dry, brush or spray gun spray will release agent with two times, with the second time when for the first time is a bit dry, besmear again two times, if it is wooden, plaster mold, mold cavity first coated with shellac varnish after grinding smooth, in order to add inside the cavity finish, improve product quality, then apply release agent, set aside. 2, according to the formula production molding take resin 100 according to the formula, the initiator 2 stir well, then add the quartz sand, quartz powder resin mix, joining at the edge of the stirring of the mica powder into the resin, the resin material and stir well, then check the whiteness of the resin, if the whiteness and sample color is too low, can be adjusted to join titanium pigment, such as no titanium dioxide can roll into the white cement or talcum powder, when white degree and model about add promoter and stir well. Casting mold molding, about 1 hour and a half hours to the initial solidification, can release, but each time the casting of the rubber thickness should be controlled under 5 mm, thick, when resin curing has cracks, such as to make the products more than 5 mm, must divide second casting, divide second casting must be rubber initial setting for the first time, has high calorific measurement can second cast. If it is to do the round handicrafts, formula of quartz sand, quartz powder dosage according to 150, the other is the same, rubber after adjusted the should have good liquidity, in order to evade forming mould, such as the round mold molding paste can brush. 3, post-processing products after stripping light layer on the surface of the water sand paper dips in water will wear off, make the product is inferior smooth, and there will be parting trace sand flat, with wax finally brush.
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