In other words, Baptists are those who claim a

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During the Middle Ages, people who studied the Bible was persuaded that the baptism of children, ie, the sprinkling of babies with water by a priest, is contrary to Scripture. Therefore, these men began to 're-baptize' one another. The word 'Ana Baptist (Anabaptist) means' re-Baptiste. ' These people were called 're'-Baptists by Catholics and Protestants because most of these Baptists had been 'watered' by the Roman Catholic Church as infants. Catholic Church, perhaps the very process of canonization had caused the greatest confusion. For the secrets Protestant seventeenth century saint was simply a believer. Catholics, a saint was at least a factor, apparently. For 'holy finished this aspect is little difference. Being able to do something to compare with other vocation of Merton. If complications statement you were trying to become a poet. Is often a sure sign that the writer was the poet's poems, where he called for this public recognition. You can also use this great saint was true. Claiming to be a saint, it was this very statement, was shown to holiness wants what more need humility. Just, watchful, and secret . Catholics believe in offering prayers to Mary and the saints. Baptists believe that prayer should be made to God for Christ: 'Neither is their salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven gave between men, whereby we must be saved.' Catholics believe Acts 4:12 on the authority of the Catholic Bible and the authority of the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. Baptists believe in the authority of the Bible, faith, nothing else - that the Bible alone is a sufficient basis for all faith and practice. Catholics believe in the mediation of Catholic priests. Baptists believe that there is one mediator among God and man, and that a mediator is 'the man Christ Jesus.' (I Timothy 2:05) Catholics believe in the cult of icons in church practice. Baptists believe that all these religious icons are idolatrous, and therefore reject their use, both as decoration and as objects of worship. Therefore Baptist churches generally lack statues and paintings of saints commonly found in most Catholic churches. Baptist churches tend to be decorated much simpler and less rich as a result of Baptist views of the team against the icons.
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