In Saint Agata, the patron saint of Catania, is

by:Real Fine     2020-06-21
The factory's history is long and marked by numerous destructions. Raised the first time at the behest of Count Roger, in the eleventh century. (1078-1094), the Roman ruins of the Baths Achilliane first suffered the almost total destruction in 1169, through the work of an earthquake. A fire damaged it in 1194 and the catastrophic 1693 earthquake almost razed to the ground. Was finally built in 1711 and designed by Gian Battista Vaccarini with a baroque-style-with Sicilian marble statues of St. Agata, S. Euplio and S. Beryl. Valuable wooden front door that has, in 32 panels depict scenes of the life and martyrdom of St. Agata, papal coat of arms and symbols of Christianity. The dome, which rises in the apse, is from 1802 while the tower is dated between 1868-69. Spectacular also access the churchyard is through a marble staircase that leads to a wrought iron gate decorated with figures of saints in bronze. To divide the square from the square a railing by Carmelo Battaglia, decorated with five nineteenth-century statues in marble. Inside, divided into three naves, several valuable works including: the martyrdom of Santa Febronia (1733), a Santa Rosalia (1733), a St. Anthony of Padua (1733), Saint Anthony Abbot (1733), Guglielmo Borremans, the Martyrdom of Saint Agatha (late sixteenth century). Filippo Paladini, a Saint Francis of Paola (XVIII cent.) Joseph Guarnaccia, the sepulchral monument of Vincenzo Bellini (1876) by Giambattista Tassara, the marble portal (XVI c.) with scenes from the life of Our Lady of Giambattista Mazzola, the sarcophagus of Queen Constance of Aragon (XIV c.). It is worth mentioning the chapel dedicated to St. Agata which holds the reliquary of the Holy (work of 1373 by Giovanni di Bartolo) and the chest (XV-XVIII sec.) That contains the relics. Imposing the high altar, in the Norman style, with its sixteenth-century wooden choir composed of thirty-four stalls by Scipione di Guido. Finally we should mention the large body of French manufacture, dated 1877 and partially rebuilt in 1926. Saint Agatha's Cathedral is only one of the wonders that keep the city of Catania, a pearl of the Mediterranean which can be discovered, rediscovered and loved.
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