Jade handicraft furnishing articles how to choose

by:Real Fine     2020-09-06
Jade handicraft furnishing articles in our country has a long history, almost all previous dynasties there are people like it, therefore, various periods of the exhibition, director of the skillful craftsman, make jade penjing collection one by one and add all previous dynasties bookman, the cultural meaning of jade penjing is becoming more and more rich, talking about how to choose the emerald furnishing articles before, first to understand the moral of the jade penjing. Jade furnishing articles will only appear in a silver spoon in his mouth, are now into the ordinary people, became a kind of very good adornment. Jade penjing showily elegance, and considered a lucky, the reason why many people like it, because of its deep meaning, is considered a lucky, so, the meaning of jade penjing? Inside a, plant penjing plants jade penjing is one of the most famous jade cabbage, Chinese cabbage harmonics' put money, therefore, jade cabbage furnishing articles will be seen as moves carry lucky lucky thing in the world, and many people put it in the home, hope home luck, wealth exuberant; Green beans are regarded as the Buddha beans, green beans furnishing articles are commonly used to give buddhist, with great concentration to the Buddha; Gourd harmonics' ferro, gourd furnishing articles is also a symbol of blessing and fortune. Second, animal furnishing articles animal there is representative is god turtle furnishing articles furnishing articles, and turtles represent longevity, god turtle furnishing articles have the moral of longevity and health; Gods furnishing articles are lucky auspicious, and three feet gods mouth coin, implies a thriving business. Pick by peach referred to as 'monkey monkey peach, moral good heat; The mythical wild animal furnishing articles is a symbol of accumulation of property, to protect property; Bats furnishing articles also has the auspicious implies, bat implication 'f', five bats offer birthday felicitations are commonly used to send to the old man, hope he happiness and longevity. Three, mythology theme furnishing articles furnishing articles such as mainly myth image, such as kuan Yin, Buddha, bergamot, etc. , their meaning is more bless people peace, health, good fortune as one wishes, can also make a person sincerely for good, with great concentration practice, a fruit. So, how to choose the jade handicraft furnishing articles instead? 1, see meaning: jade penjing is auspicious implies more, but the implication is also different, especially in terms of sending people must understand its implied meaning again. 2, the quality: the finest jade general color is natural, rich, full-bodied smooth round, no defects and cracks, feel is gentle, very feel to the touch. 3, work: this is mainly refers to how about jade penjing carving craft, good handicraft shape not only, also can do spirit likeness, especially in the small detail processing is very good, craft bad furnishing articles can trail in detail place. 4, see origin: it is aimed at do not know much about jade, don't know how to see the quality and workmanship, then from the aspects of the origin of jade, everyone knows if it's a good jade origin produced, in general, the quality of the jade is guaranteed, because of the high cost, will also work on carving, do manual work is also not too bad, that this is a generally useful.
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