Jade is placed into a home decoration first choice

by:Real Fine     2020-09-06
22 December solstice, 26 - a large commercial exhibition - - The 31st home Tibetan generation of jewellery in taiyuan & middot; China coal museum. With the development of the province cultural industry revitalization, shanxi jewelry also ushered in the upgrade, the exhibition exhibits a richer, more high-quality service, from a line of enterprise publicity, breaks. According to statistics, this year's exhibition exhibition area of nearly square meters, from Colombia, the United States, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, xinjiang, quanzhou, yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai and other dozens of countries and regions the merchants of jewelry jade belt. In the context of the global economic slowdown, the international jewelry exhibition scale corresponding to narrow. In the face of the new normal, coal jewellery at professional jewelry jade jewelry will be upgraded to a new and traditional cultural goods cross-border integration of exposition. More enterprises in the jewellery can be seen in such aspects as culture, technology, product design innovation. At the same time, also a purple sand tea, mahogany ceramic, buddhist culture, calligraphy and painting collectables - autograph, craft gift goods both at home and abroad, the exhibits more abundant. To protect the interests of consumers, invited a third party to provide you with all the professional identification period free appraisal, committed to the continuous construction of professional jewelry exhibition platform. Don't know since when, the home Tibetan jewelry exhibition, exhibition held in taiyuan, in particular, to become the industry influential emerald professional exhibition platform, a large number of buyers to attract a large number of sellers, good seller and attract buyers, the exhibition jade is still the biggest bright spot. At hetian jade, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, opal, coral, amber, crystal, all varieties of jewelry, jewelry collection level in liuzhou. Beautiful spot color screw from seventy million years ago in the Canadian Rockies. Complete the spot color of screw, it is very rare, is a collection of treasures. Its distinctive beautiful, magical change color, dim light, bright flashing burnish, beautiful and audience favorite. This kind of precious stones in addition to the appearance that grabs an eye level, is also very high value for collection. , generally can reach level of gem stones are not only expensive, there is a great appreciation of space. Jewelry popular element model shows in the jewelry jade exhibition shine bring a surprise to the audience, dressed in a fur show all kinds of jewelry display models. Held on the second floor 'fur factory direct selling is not only good quality low price is beyond your expectations, tian jing to show up.
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