Kirin handicraft furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-09-05
Kirin, also as a 'thestrals'', or ' ' ', is a kind of Chinese ancient books recorded in god beast, the dragon and phoenix, turtle, were known as the 'four spirit, symbol of auspicious. Is the mount of god. Kirin, is the most hope of auspicious animals in ancient Chinese, they said the emergence of a generation of happiness. Therefore, the people want to kirin is always accompanied by yourself, bring us luck and light, in addition to the ominous. When this belief of ancient times were passed down at the same time, the auspicious meaning kirin has also been the general public and recognized firmly in the consciousness of people, kirin has become a symbol of the mind, the performance of the artistic conception, display of power, and inspire people's imagination, the spirit of the guide people to agree with some ideas, into a particular state, give people hope and comfort and a pursuit of power. It into folk life, reflected in all aspects of the national culture. The moral of kirin basically has the following: first, strives for the traditional Chinese concept of fertility between education and is the hope as early as in iron, to have more children, and grandchildren, many children, and to & quot; There are three unfilial, ways & quot; Will not be able to have children and family as maximum unfilial. The traditional concept entrenched, affecting generation after generation. No matter from pregnant women, or to the baby is born, hundred Zui son, and other celebration activities, which embody the people for this blessing of unremitting efforts. For kirin had come so the sage Confucius, and it is believed that the kirin can SongZi already, also can on the child. So, in order to & quot; Kirin SongZi & quot; As the theme of the folk culture phenomenon not only seen in pictures, the language of prayer, and it also can be found in the age of activity, form is very extensive, intended to pray and wish, early birth, children of virtue. Second, the building decoration brick of pottery and porcelain carving is an important way of Chinese ancient architectural decoration, theme is rich, carved the fine, give vivid to architectural modeling. Brick used in brick structures cover and more timberwork building brick wall outside the eaves; Ceramics in addition to outside the building eaves use, more and more used in the eaves decorate. Tianjin brick is the brick art, in the qing dynasty jiaqing years of emperor qianlong is tile works and the accumulation, brick artist called & quot; Hand-cut work & quot; . Light years, developed into an independent industry, form the famous & quot; Tianjin carved brick & quot; 。 And hang down beautiful door, according to Chelsea for inside and outside, the frontal fang, take cover and four fan screen, flowers of teeth on the adornment such as plate, ceramic technology is a must. Three patterns, accessories and The Times, people like to kylin craft sculpture as a talisman to wear in the body, the quality of a material such as gold, silver, copper and jade, especially pay attention to infants and young children wear & quot; Kirin lock & quot; To pray for children live. In addition, with the art of kirin modelling the traditional patterns are widely used for design. The tang dynasty empress wu, with kylin grain embroidered robes, called & quot; Kirin robe & quot; The special reward for wear of above with the doctrine of military commanders. In the qing dynasty, the kirin embroidered in military attache yipin & quot; Fill the child & quot; As the symbol of the hierarchy. In the folk paper-cut, New Year pictures, embroidery and wax dyeing crafts, kirin have left the shadow of the living. More than four, probes and greeting to & quot; Kirin son & quot; ,“; Our son & quot; ,“; Our son & quot; As the good praise other people's children. Such as in the 'book of Chen & middot; In addition to the biography of ling yue: & quot; Bao chi master cheng yen, when he jumped off the youdao, ling years old, the family with to hou, Po chi hands rubbing its roof, yue & lsquo; Even scooter dragonet sky & rsquo; 。 ” Tang Dufu 'du xiaohong, thatched cottage ShiJian & middot; The second son of Xu Qing song: & quot; Have you noticed, the second son of Xu Qing absolute and induction to follow his dream, Confucius, Buddhism's kiss embrace, and is a kirin son of heaven. ” ; In & quot; Our young son chicken & quot; Metaphor noble sons; In & quot; Our toes & quot; Children with love virtuous; In & quot; Our toe in sample & quot; As a wedding XiLian guangpi, very kind of generations with love; In & quot; Our liver phoenix pulp & quot; Metaphor is extremely rare food; In & quot; The unicorn horns phoenix mouth & quot; ,“; Rare & quot; Praise and precious items.
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