Liven up the night when you host a bachelorette party

by:Real Fine     2020-06-12
Make sure that everyone knows who the bride to be is by dressing her in the 'Bride to Be' Party Sash & Tiara. She'll be thrilled by all the attention she gets when she wears this fun duo. The sash proclaims her identity while the glittering tiara coaxes a crown-like shape out of the word 'Bride.' The other members of the party will have fun wearing the Fluorescent Mix Chandelle Feather Clip. Each guest can clip this bright bunch of feathers in her hair and, after the party, take it home to decorate any purse or outfit for fun times out. Or be a little more specific in hair decor by giving everyone 'Just for the Girls' Bachlorette Mini Veils with Hair Clips. These are made of white tulle netting and adorned with white feathers. There will be no doubting what kind of party this is when the guests wear these cute hair decorations. Feather boas are fun to wear, too, but whoever dares to wear one out for a night on the town? A bachelorette party is the perfect time for all the ladies to toss Purple Marabou Feather Boas around their necks. Or choose a different color - a rainbow is available. The Red Marabou Feather Boa or the Royal Blue or Shocking Pink...there is even a Bright Neon Lime Marabou Feather Boa available for a fun time. Each boa is made from soft marabou trim that can go home with the new owner as a party gift for little girls. Get the party off on fun footing when you bring out the 'Dare Me' Bride To Be Challenges Book. There are twelve fun - and easy to do - challenges in the smartly illustrated pages of this book. You'll dare each other to put on bright red lipstick and kiss the next guy you see, or dare the bride to call her groom and initiate phone sex. Each dare is more 'daring' than the last, and you'll all soon get into the spirit of the game. If the party moves from one club to another, make sure that all the drivers you pass know that this is an out of control bachelorette party. Attach the Bachelorette Party Car Flag to your vehicle window top and let it fly. This 17 by 12 inch flag comes with a handy pole that attaches easily and won't break as you fly down the road. Take along the How Well Do You Know The Bride? Party Trivia Game and you'll have a hilarious party, no matter where it takes place. Questions are related to the bride to be and her future husband. Some of the topics are 'Her Favorite Things,' 'Her Sex Life' as well as questions about 'The Couple.' You'll all learn more than you thought you wanted to know about your friend as you take turns asking and answering these fun questions. Another fun game that everyone can play is the Bachelorette Party Bingo Game. As many as 17 guests can play this game, which comes with everything you need for a fun Bingo party. Give out fun Bachelorette Party Award Ribbons as you play. These satin ribbons come embellished with cute decorations and sayings such as 'Most outta control party girl.' And no matter who wins Bingo or any of the other games that you have planned, be prepared to hand out party favors at the end of the evening. Wrap little gifts like tea lights, candy or even jewelry in Bridal Gown Favor Boxes. This set of twelve comes in white with a satin ribbon bow tie. A crystal button adorns each little box, giving it just a bit of shimmer. A fun gift to give out to the party guests is a commemorative shot glass. The Bachelorette's Last Night Out Shot Glass is four inches high...a little big to tuck inside a favor box. But everyone will appreciate having this permanent memory of this fun party. Or give a sweet gift to an important attendee at the party when you select an array of Angel Cheeks Figurines by Russ Berrie. Three inches high, each one carries a little sign that proclaims the owner's part in the wedding party. Flower Girl, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid...each one is precious with golden wings and a divine expression. Of course, there will be plenty of gifts at the bridal party for the woman of honor. Give her the 'Here Comes the Bride' White Wedding Bridal Canvas Tote Bag so that she'll be able to carry home her bounty. This canvas bag is white with black strap handles to match the other items in the Victoria Lynn Wedding Collection. Take a hint from some of the suggestion on this page, and you're sure to carry off a fun and exciting bachelorette party.
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