Lobular rosewood handicraft furnishing articles maintenance skills

by:Real Fine     2020-09-08
Lobular rosewood handicraft furnishing articles are different in daily maintenance Yu Xiaoye the beads of red sandalwood. We all know that the best maintenance for lobular rosewood beads, is daily tokiwa twist, this for small lobular rosewood furnishing articles or feasible, but if there are any big furnishing articles, it's not so easy. A lot of people don't like the wooden products waxing, chasing its reason, mostly because religion with beads is not waxing, over time, as waxing wood its quality of a material is bad. In fact this is a myth, often play play thing without waxing, necessary for the large lobular red sandalwood furnishing articles, often with the hand was playing it is not realistic, waxing or played a protective role. Again good lobular red sandalwood materials, because of the nature of wood, in a bad environment, is also the cracking phenomena will happen. Therefore, lobular red sandalwood furnishing articles wax regularly, is one of the most simple maintenance. If a lobular rosewood furnishing articles had a cut, make have scratches and other surface is not very serious condition, you can also repair myself. The method is: according to the situation with coarse sand and fine sand paper burnish scratches. In grinding polishing while cloth to wipe, when you need to ensure clean, not to the wood powder grinding together. Can consider wearing gloves when grinding, polishing wipe again after a few times, in this cycle. And grinding with sand paper burnish gradually from 80 mesh to 3000 mesh, especially in a low mesh sandpaper, attention must be carefully, don't leave the wear and scratches. In addition, when polished to 2000 purpose, can be used with a slightly damp cloth to wipe, and then continue to grinding, polishing until after the 3000 mesh, can directly use cotton or soft cloth more friction, such as silk stockings, and finally can appear coloured glaze of crystal transparent feeling.
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