Made of resin handicraft product quality

by:Real Fine     2020-08-10
Resin is a kind of between metal and glass material, its strength and flexibility between the two substances. If the fall down from the top of the high will knock off the leftover material. Or the product more hollow parts and whole cast crack, the main also look at other materials standard content. Here introduce some characteristics of the resin material, resin usually refers to the scope of heated after soften or melt, softened under the action of external force has a tendency to flow, under normal temperature is solid, semi-solid, can also be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, can any polymer compounds as raw materials for the plastic products processing is called resin. Resin is the main manufacture of plastic raw materials. 2 section resin drilling, smooth surface resin, resin production and special resin drill and so on various shapes. Products with high precision, good brightness, edges and corners clear, not easy damaged, not easy scratches, color is rich, diverse shape effect, natural environmental protection, etc. 3, the product has a high accuracy, good brightness, edges and corners clear, not easy to wear and tear, not easy scratches, color is rich, diverse shape effect, natural environmental protection, etc. 4, the use of the materials produced by the roughness of the die, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, water-proof, pressure, deformation, non-stick mold, can be used repeatedly, the service life of the mold is more than ten times of ordinary mold, and the price cheap, to fill the gaps in domestic die material, is a traditional mold material alternatives. Maintenance method of resin handicraft: 1, the resin handicraft furnishing articles cleaning most people see their resin handicraft furnishing articles is dirty, all love take a wet towel to wipe. If you always take a wet towel, can lead to water into the resin in a towel, slowly will damage the resin, therefore, can use when cleanness dry cotton cloth or a feather duster will be wiped the dust on the resin handicraft. 2, the storage of resin handicraft furnishing articles like this kind of products is the most afraid of be the sun, so there is no place to put it in the sun, cracking or after a long time will happen. Second, nor will it in a very damp place. In the special wet environment, individual resin because of material, easy to 'MAO' produce mildew. 3, light with light put this kind of handicraft although very beautiful, but also easy to be broken, so everybody in time must see light with light. Usually in place then I don't often go to pick it up, this is to prevent move don't hit, will scratch the surface of the phenomenon. Manual labor to make products in the raw materials in accordance with the proportion according to the proportion of small resin brands, including resin resin handicraft raw materials is commonly: fixed resin, powder, or any other archaize materials, marble products, such as imitation brand, marble powder available resin.
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