Madrid is a city of fashion, culture, beauty and

by:Real Fine     2020-06-15
If you happen to be an art lover then Madrid City is not going to disappoint you. You just need to visit the Art Walk which is a pass that contains visit to three famous Art Museum of Spain: the Prado, the Reina Sofia and The Thyssen. You just need to pay the fee once and you get passes to all the three beautiful galleries. After visiting all these museums you can head the Retiro Park by catching the nearby road. The Retiro Park is considered one of the best looking parts of Madrid. The place has been very well maintained and it contains historical artifacts, cafeteria, fountains and boat ride that you can take on the lake. Retiro Park is the perfect place to bring your family during the afternoon for a picnic or just going for a romantic walk. After having a lunch in the park you can take the Ventas (the line 5 of metro) and head towards the Bull Fighting Arena. You'll be able to do it all quickly if you book a walking tour and gather all the knowledge about this authentic Spanish area. The best thing that you can do during the evening will be to head for a local restaurant or a tapas Bar and have some delicious Spanish food. If you're kind of person likes to indulge in nightlife then you can experience the Madrid's exclusive nightclubs which can be a bit pricey but worth getting inside. Madrilenians also like to indulge in late-night-outs. The second day of the weekend that is on Sunday you can make a visit in the morning to the Rastro or the Spanish free-market. You will have a real Spanish flight experience in this traditional market and you will also be able to find cheap tourist souvenirs that you can bring back. The Rastro begins at 9 AM and you can catch metro line 5 to reach their. You must watch out for pickpockets in the marketplace. Temple of Debod would be the ideal destination after you have spent time at the market. This temple will introduce you to the history which led Egyptians to build this temple here. The Temple of Debod is situated in the middle of a beautiful park that also offers panoramic view of the cathedral and the Royal Palace. It was the afternoon you can go for the trip of the zoo -- El Casa de Campo and El Fauna. After this tiring journey even have a dinner and tried to get to Sol. Sol is the city center and is always vibrating with life.
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