Maintenance matters what resin sculpture

by:Real Fine     2020-08-22
Many people who like to collect resin sculpture, all like placing it in the home, add beauty to home. To pay to maintain at ordinary times, can let it all the time to have attractive appearance and bright luster. So, we take a look at resin sculpture maintenance items have? One, put the environment after sun resin sculpture, makes the moisture inside the wood loss, so that its surface weather-shack. Similarly, if placed too humid environment, the surface of the resin sculpture will give birth to a layer of hair. Resin sculpture, therefore, the placement of general should choose to stay away from the door, window, tuyere strong places, such as air flow should avoid sun exposure, prevent wind and damp, avoid and other sundry readjusting. Resin sculpture is appropriate to put the air temperature and humidity, avoid by all means is indoor temperature or humidity is too high, do not put in central heating in winter, the summer comes, often should open air conditioning platoon is wet, reduce wood some combining site caused by the hygroscopic and expansion of slit. Don't put on fire, fire wall, fire resistance, near the stove. Don't toward the air-conditioning tuyere direct, at the same time, also do not put it near the heating pipe. In display, specialized check handicraft mahogany small usually in closed tank or much bao Ge, can also according to its type placed in local contrast security. When mobile resin sculpture, should try to use both hands to avoid single hand or pull and hold, lest cause vulnerability is easy to fold the parts of the damage. Second, the daily clean daily cleaning of resin sculpture, appropriate with a soft brush or clean wool, silk, waxy qualitative or cotton cloth to wipe the dust containing fat, and be careful. At the same time, need to be careful not to use wet cloth to wipe, lest damage the paint film. Finally, to remind everybody is here, resin sculpture in a year to adapt to the environment in the process of fine cracks belong to the normal phenomenon, the available brunet putty to fill gap sand, varnish can be restored again. If there is any crack or damage, cannot use 502 glue or other chemical adhesive, so as not to affect the collection value. Encounter this kind of circumstance, can find a professional repair resin sculpture factory or teacher to repair, avoid by all means do it yourself.
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