Milan is an important centre for business and culture

by:Real Fine     2020-06-20
Duomo Cathedral in Milan Situated in Piazza Duomo, Milan's main square, Duomo is famous as one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the world, second only to the Cathedral of Seville. It is 157 meters long and has space for 40,000 people. 135 spires and 3200 statues adorn the duomo roof and you can take an elevator to the rooftop for a close-up view as well as magnificent views of the city below. Today this Gothic cathedral still stands as the symbol of Milan and arguably its most renowned landmark that continues to awe travellers with its timeless beauty. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, built in 1867, is a huge glass-roofed shopping arcade lined with elegant shops, bars, and restaurants. This four-storey glass-domed arcade is entered from the Piazza in front of the Cathedral, and extends to the Piazza della Scala. It is a fashionable place to hang out, sip coffee or camparis, or take a stroll through its many exclusive shops. Milanese gather in this conservatory to escape the winter rains or to socialise after a busy working day. Museo Poldi-Pezzoli This museum was founded in 1879, opened its doors to the public in 1881. Numerous masterpieces hang from the walls of the Golden Room with a view of the picturesque garden. These masterpieces include art, furnishings and historic arms, including Piero del Pollaiolo's Portrait of a Woman which has become an icon for Milan's own style. Basilica Sant'Ambrogio Basilica Sant' Ambrogio, one of Milan's oldest churches, is an eleventh century church built on the site of a fourth century church. Sant' Ambrogio is Milan's patron saint and you can see him in a crypt along with two third century martyrs. The church is an excellent example of Romanesque architecture and inside are many interesting relics, carvings, and mosaics. Tempio della Vittoria Tempio della Vittoria is a marble memorial located opposite the barracks of Garibaldi.The interior holds a number of monuments, such as the magnificent Mausoleo di Teodorico and the elaborate Rosa dei Venti di Atene. The electric beacon above the ciborium at night can be seen from up to 15 kilometres away.
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