Paint line carve modern handicraft furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-09-04
Paint line carve is one of the culture of the Chinese lacquer art treasure of art treasures, is the traditional craft minnan region. It has a long history, is a unique folk handicrafts in xiamen. As early as 300 years ago, the paint line statue ChiYu Chinese and foreign, sells in distant markets southeast Asia. Paint line carve the paint line with fine by the method of making the special winding out all sorts of glittering and animal image characters, especially in the folk traditional subjects, such as phoenix, kylin, knot, tie up the lotus flower, etc. Paint line carve of material with natural Chinese lacquer, brick powder and other materials. Brick powder after mixed with natural lacquer and other materials, after several hours of pounding, form like the dough soft hard moderate, can rub and plastic paint line regiment. In a continuous line tightly coiled layers is rich. And the pattern of heavy and complicated, and contrasting with the. In the light is very solid, with lines appear to be most subtle cirrus clouds, soft water, flowers and grass. The final will be the gold foil on the patterns of the has been around the paint line. A glittering, gorgeous paint line carve work is completed. Paint line carve 'paint line process really focus on line itself aesthetic qualities, make the line of the rich and changeful form, follow one's inclinations in creation so as to achieve high level of' line 'aesthetic, embodies the Chinese arts and crafts in the evolution of the line on the performance of beauty. Its fine film will now, and all the details are very strict, although to line the intertwining, but in the form of relief.
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