Poland is a big country in Central Europe. It

by:Real Fine     2020-06-22
Warsaw is the capital of Poland which was rebuilt after World War II. This place is home to many skyscrapers. Some popular places of interest in Warsaw are; The Royal Route, Former Jewish ghetto, and Chopin museum. Wilanow Palace in Warsaw depicts the heritage and history of Poland. Some of the popular cultural events like the Summer Royal Concerts were held in this palace. Warsaw is one of the major Poland tourist destinations. The town of Oswiecim which is known as Auschwitz in German was the largest NAZI extermination camp during the World War II, and a visit to this place makes us think about the basic ideas of dignity and humanity. Torun is the medieval town in the northern region of the country. Some of the popular sites to see in Torun are; Ruins of Teutonic Knights, Torun Old Town Square and House under the Star. It is also home to many gothic churches, the most popular among them is the Saint Mary's Church. Poland tourist destinations comprises of many historical sites which attract many tourists. Bieszczady Mountains are the soft green mountains which have many traditional wooden churches. It has extraordinary wildlife and beautiful landscapes. It is better to visit during the summer and autumn if you want to witness its beauty. Or you can visit during winters to enjoy skiing. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Park is a pilgrimage park featuring statues and buildings. Here you can see the monastery which depicts Polish architecture. Czestochowa lies in Krakowsko Czestochowska Upland. This place is home to the spectacular Jurassic Rocks. It is home to Jasna Gora Monastery which is known as the biggest Marian sanctuary in Poland. It is the main cult place of Virgin Mary and is considered to be an important pilgrimage destination. Wieliczka Salt mine is situated at Krakow, known to produce table salt. The length of mine is 300 kilometers and the depth of mine is 327 meters. This place is also home to an underground lake. Poland tourist destinations are unique in nature and as a result of which many like to come to this beautiful country. Polish meals are known to be heavy and containing lot of meat. Some of the popular and common cuisines of Poland are; Pierogi (crescent-shaped parcels filled with tasty fillings), Chlodnik Litewski (cold yoghurt and beetroot soup), Kapusniak (sour cabbage soup), Krupnik (barley soup with a smattering of vegetables and smoked meat) and Zupa Koperkowa (dill soup).
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