Pottery is a procedure where moist clay is used

by:Real Fine     2020-07-03
In ancient India, pots were made up of sand and a mix of clay in order to keep them tight. These were used to keep water so the inhabitants have a comfort level to store it. Water stored in these vessels is generally cold and effective for good digestion. It was at the time of kings that craft work was also initiated on the necessary vessels. At the child stage, the craft work was generally done by hands by inscribing palms, fingers and toes on the pot. Later, instruments like knife and sharp edges were used. The Indian experience in journey of pot making reflects the impact of science and technology in it. Science and technology has replaced the traditional knife and now sharp edge machines are used which gives the shape accurately. Indian cultural tour reflects the pot making in varied forms. Pottery in India includes pot making from Paper Mache, Terracotta and clay. Indian Art Crafts include making of pots for special purposes like rituals of a ceremony or festival which is very important in Indian Cultural Tour. West Bengal is a big hub of Terracotta work. Terracotta work is use of ceramic clay (white clay) in main clay. Generally, ceramic is often used in fevicol and is used as craft work over the main pot. Thereby fabric colours are applied and the finished product in itself is a great artistic work. There is demarcation in Indian Experience pot making where Blue and Red Pottery is also made. Pottery from Multani Mitti is a kind of foreign art which is incorporated in Indian art crafts. The Mughal Empire in India is a key witness to speed up the Indian art crafts especially in relation to pottery. They emphasised a lot in use of royal fashion cutlery in royal dining. Manipur form of Pottery making is also a different style of it. Men and Women both are equally equipped to make this fine work of creativity. This form is generally black in colour. Hard serpent nine rocks are one of the main ingredients which are used in crushed form in this form of pot making. Cultural tour in India reflects a wide variety of pot and vessel making and hence, pottery in India is a true reflector of Indian artistic work and creativity. It is also a great indicator of ancient civilisation in India which in itself is a complicated form of unique rituals and customs. Thus, Pottery in India is an ever growing area.
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