Regular, resin handicraft production

by:Real Fine     2020-09-24
Basic properties of resin handicraft production: unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of thermosetting resin, can understand become the dibasic alcohol polycondensation of dibasic acid and unsaturated substances. Usually stored in the stability of solvent ( Usually styrene) 。 Unsaturated polyester resin as the initiator ( Whitewater) Can occur under the action of free radical copolymerization, and become a kind of curing insoluble polymer network polymer melt. Production practice will add promoter ( Blue) To improve the curing speed. Status: under normal temperature, a transparent viscous liquid. Or because of different ratio, a light blue or light yellow. Inventory requirements: ventilation, avoid light, about 20 ℃ warranty for three months. 220 kg/drum. Common usage: production practice often add packing in order to improve the mechanical strength after curing, at the same time can reduce the cost in allowed range. Curing process: resin and filler in accordance with the proportion of mixture stirring evenly, after full moisture, add about 3 ~ 12 & permil; Promoter can be pouring materials. Workers in the casting, the injection forming add 5 ~ 8 & permil; Curing agent after mixing, pouring into the mold, wait for ten minutes resin handicraft can be formed. The advantages and disadvantages: advantage: the product has good liquidity, can make complex shape and decorative pattern. And silicone moulds to cooperate, can faithfully reflect the original author's artistic style. Can be cured at room temperature and molding, products have excellent mechanical properties, easy processing. Replication molding curing speed, easy to mass products. The bad: there are 2 - when molding 4% of the contract; Body for the high cost of surface treatment is another process of handicraft production, it will handle the product after coating, to achieve a certain artistic effect. Many surface treatment methods, spraying, roller coating, hand-painted, soaking, electroplating, sanding, do old, creasing and cutting methods, such as in the handicraft industry is one of the most common spraying, hand-painted, and soak. The most commonly used household resin handicraft is hand-drawn and spray surface treatment technology. By hand and spraying, resin handicraft to make different color, shape, such ability make the all kinds of resin crafts.
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