Resin handicraft and how to develop innovation

by:Real Fine     2020-09-24
Resin handicraft, a collection of traditional craft and modern new technology, new material used in the household life emerging arts and crafts. Have modern concise, tradition of of primitive simplicity, gorgeous elegant, deep, deep, in the form of all kinds of new accessories walked into our home, with its unique charm to attract more and more attention. At present, the resin handicraft in zhejiang, fujian, walk in the forefront of the national minority region, much of the resin handicraft development research is still backward, most handicraft production enterprises in the resin handicraft industry by copying others work or for others processing production, lack of research design, development and expansion of enterprises can not get effective. Therefore, the study of resin handicraft design and development should be given a high degree of attention. Inheritance and innovation of a country or a nation in the process of the long history of years of evolution, gradually formed its own unique national culture and folk customs, and the national culture and customs has become the important content of the resin handicraft. In real life, People's Daily life cannot leave the resin products, resin handicraft is the display of modern home decoration widely used. Market development, the improvement of people's material life must bring the improvement of spiritual and cultural life, and therefore increase the home arts and crafts in modern life demand, it also brought opportunity to resin handicraft development and research. Resin crafts research and development must be combined with the characteristics of The Times, to cater to modern people's aesthetic characteristics, in line with The Times to injection of fresh blood more closely integrated with the modern science and technology, respect for tradition, innovation, only in this way can make the resin handicraft have more vitality.
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