Resin handicraft creation resources

by:Real Fine     2020-09-17
The 21st century, the business began to diversification development, arts and crafts began to transition to the furniture industry development, and the resin handicraft in contemporary household adornment occupying an important position, it combines the traditional handicraft and modern new materials, let its quickly attracted the eyes of the general population, resources and the creation of the resin handicraft mainly from the following two aspects: 1. People and their life is the nature of the soul of the universe, is also one of the most popular subject resin handicraft performance, multifaceted in nature and society is resin handicraft rich design resources. People have a rich life, there is a variety of appearance, from all kinds of professional to all kinds of clothing, from the beautiful girl to the brave warrior, is a lively performance in the resin handicraft. Rich people's feelings, joys and sorrows, and his desires are the subject matter of performance. one The natural world of the natural world is a great range, including animals, plants and mountain scenery. The frequency of the animals in the resin handicraft as characters. Animals and people are living creatures, many animals close to people. Resin handicraft in People's Daily life, the animal associated. Such as cows, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, cats, rabbits, dogs and other animals, and reflects the people to love the animals. Animal rich appearance, flexible action, also provides a rich imagination and resin handicraft design form of enlightenment. In the production of resin handicraft design, on the other hand, animals are often give people some of the temperament, has the characteristics of personification, some characteristics of the animal being diverted to one's character. The fierce tiger, lion power become the symbol of power in the resin handicraft. 49 plants and their relationship is very close. Resin handicraft is often reflected in plants such as roses, Christmas tree, lucky grass, there are four seasons melon and fruit, etc. Some of these plants such as animals, its growth characteristics are as a person some moral character by praise, such as the rose. Since ancient times, people like to have our landscape and our landscape as the subject of resin handicrafts, in terms of the modern household is not ideal, this theme appeared in the relief work, much as an entourage of.
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