Resin handicraft design development to which direction

by:Real Fine     2020-09-19
Resin handicraft design should be from the application value of modern home decoration crafts to think, people should pay attention to its diversity, design is suitable for all levels, each country, each region of the demand in different populations of handicraft, the application value in addition to inheriting the connotation of the value of traditional arts and crafts, more important is to show national culture of modern art in the world economy, culture, material and thought, the status of civilization, the resin handicraft to world market. The demand of the resin handicraft as people living standard rise increasingly, in contemporary household put a few handicraft to already became a kind of fashion or a new way of life, come with it beautification bedroom, in the master individual character and grade. Believe in people in fashion and the pursuit of personality, in under the premise of the increasing demand for spiritual civilization, resin handicraft design should pay attention to artistic quality. Resin handicraft to commodities development, with the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for commodities is more and more rich and diverse, daily necessities design in meeting its practical function is more and more prominent its adornment sex and artistic quality, some even to the extreme, for example: red wine rack furnishing articles, its usefulness is not large, but now is loved by people in the household act the role ofing is tasted, daily necessities design pays attention to its adornment sex is one of the design development direction. Accompanied by the generation of new material, new craft, new technology, the appearance of resin handicraft design more and not be restricted by material, process, technology and rich, free and diverse forms, resin handicraft design at the beginning of the appreciation of the longing is for the sake of more, how can let the resin handicraft in household act the role ofing is tasted, but not limited only to adorn adornment, let it become indispensable in daily life, is the main direction of resin handicraft design.
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