Resin handicraft design research and development of the main

by:Real Fine     2020-09-17
With the progress of the society, people more and more high to the requirement of things, in the fierce competition and diversity in living in adornment, resin handicraft in the form of alternative entered the home decoration, it combined with the era of traditional crafts, with unique charm to attract the attention of more and more, innovation has made resin handicraft rapid advances in home on the road all the way, the research of this largely thanks to its design and development and application. People's Daily life cannot leave the resin products, resin handicraft is the display of modern home decoration widely used. The independence of the resin handicraft, practical, beautiful sex and economy, emphasizes the combination of the humanities, material skin texture and fashion design concept, origin, breakthrough the traditional concept of environment in household act the role ofing is tasted, souvenirs, business promotional gifts, some office supplies, stationery, holiday, birthday gifts, such as penetration in the design of modern design elements, characteristics of The Times promote resin handicraft. Strengthen its practical characteristics, improve the design concept of culture, and practical pay equal attention to. Won the broad masses of consumers and a certain market share. Inheritance and innovation of a country or a nation in the process of the long history of years of evolution, gradually formed its own unique national culture and folk customs, and the national culture and customs has become the important content of the resin handicraft. For the inheritance of traditional culture is giving every resin handicraft designer should design quality and culture, the traditional design concept give shape and color of the vast space and the imagination of wireless. Materials and innovation is the precondition of resin handicraft development, explore the resin handicraft production technology and production processes are the era have entrusted to our mission, the organic combination of various materials, to seek a new art form, form carries on the bold negation of the traditional technology, the integrated use of various materials, strengthen product material texture, color, texture, tactile contrast, make the product with the modelling of era characteristics, the modern aesthetic characteristics, reduce product cost, improve the economic benefit. In the study of product development, product safety is the first of the designers thinking, resin handicraft in the design research and development, for the safety of the materials and environmental protection index must be strict control, all of the products, if not on the safety performance, causing security problems, has stepped onto the destruction for products in the market.
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