Resin handicraft factory paint to paint what's required?

by:Real Fine     2020-09-10
Ratio of the paint is not regular, need adjust adhesion of different resin material. Take the mouse model for example, we received before mice with resin material, batch of gray surface can't use the usual way, otherwise you won't hide juncture, and direct spray paint is very easy to spend and paint falls off. So the ratio of paint need to adjust the proportion of several times to find suitable for the proportion of the photosensitive resin can open spray, in addition, if not professional to spray paint, suggest don't embarrass yourself spray the surface of the resin, because it is really easy to hang paint, also known as' a runny nose. Arts and crafts manufacturers - brand - , focus on arts and crafts, business gifts customized 20 years, from the design, sculpture, molding to 14 process such as polishing, coloring, always adhere to the pure manual completed, return to the original, redefine crafts new standards. Wholesale handicraft, resin handicraft, handicraft factory, resin crafts, arts and crafts.
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