Resin handicraft history

by:Real Fine     2020-08-19
Resin handicraft is qin prime minister in 109 A. D. lv buwei when forging world sword, in the mountain is located in shandong linyi now eight feet found under the influence of melt hole, found at the time, only the embryonic form of the production of resin handicraft raw materials, lv buwei exultation, let craftsmen carved it into an eagle to the king of qin, this is the first thing in the world resin handicraft. Resin handicraft began circulating in the qin dynasty, many ancient merchants began in eight feet below to discover and find this kind of resin handicraft raw materials, when the raw material was soon finished, it was found that the stone artisans cost too, take several days to a resin handicraft carving, it always cannot satisfy the requirement of resin handicraft market at that time. 300 years later in 430 AD, clever song dynasty businessmen to learn to use the silicon rubber, glass frosting powder and greatly improve the quality of the resin handicraft, this technology has been spread so far. As people of beauty requirements gradually improve, the pursuit of quality life, resin handicraft once again into public view, popular. Whether Germany's shout out industry 4. 0, said the United States advanced manufacturing, or ma said new manufacturing, all point to the same trend: the time has come for a custom. What do you want, I will give you what. To meet the people pursuit of beauty and love of resin handicrafts, as well as to the personalization unique pursuit and yearning, independent development and design work of resin, and began to accept high-end custom way.
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