Resin handicraft how to play the home decoration market

by:Real Fine     2020-09-29
Domestic furniture market is changeable, in recent years, the household market competition increasing, from Chinese style household adornment to Europe and the United States home decoration with retro home decoration, household market gradually formed a three-legged tripod road situation, the resin handicraft is the most popular home decoration handicraft industry, as the change of household market, resin handicraft design must also satisfy and meet the needs of the industry. In living in adornment resin handicraft has always been the one horn of the icing on the cake, in order to be able to in the current household market more walk more far, of the three pillars of quanzhou on resin handicraft design research and development, in view of the three different household style design, carried on the thorough research for the three styles of home decoration have their corresponding products, such as the European and American style of home decoration, the decoration design had such as' big deer head ' 'ivory wine furnishing articles and so on a series of furnishing articles by the European style decoration, as for the traditional Chinese style decoration or even more retro decoration products research, in combination with the principle of historical culture and modern fashion elements, for the research and development of resin handicraft is of a higher level, a variety of animal and plant furnishing articles on the basis of the original design, increase the modern technology and fashionable elements. Home decoration in the modern society has become an inevitable requirement of the people to be resided to the home life, and the resin handicraft is also more and more in household act the role ofing is tasted the ranks of the majority of the crowd, resin handicraft on household adornment can have the effect that make the finishing point, after the home decoration can well reflect a person's quality of life, and the resin handicraft is also with its unique artistic breath attracted people's attention.
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