Resin handicraft imitation copper processing technology

by:Real Fine     2020-09-19
Various types of resin handicraft on the market, there is imitation gold and silver, imitation jade, imitation bronze, and so on a series of products, for the simulation of resin handicraft how it is made of, such problems should also plagued many handicraft lovers, in the field of resin handicraft manufacturing for 20 years of experience, for the simulation made deep research of the arts and crafts, the mainly explain the surface of the imitation bronze crafts processing technology. Imitation bronze resin handicraft mainly formula of raw materials are copper powders, get together ammoniac fat varnish. Will first copper powders into a small bowl, add a little banana oil and fully mixing into a thin paste, but can't be too thin, then stir in polyvinyl chloride resin varnish evenly. Adopt clean brushes to gold liquid evenly in product body surface, coating as thin as possible in the first time usually wait for dry after appearing when not in hands before being the second time brushing, brush and then on a layer of varnish as brightener. Powder, bronze powders is generally divided into red light green light powder, green red powder, etc. , according to different products need different raw materials. , of course, in the concrete operating gold liquid should be along with use, otherwise will not be able to use and discard after the knot. Imitation copper resin handicraft main raw materials are copper powders, carbon black powder formula, shellac varnish, lacquer thinner and nitro acid varnish. First according to the imitation of copper: E product mix well and the product after besmear brushs completed thousands of fully on the body, with a little carbon black powder to add people to the shellac varnish evenly, then coated with a thin layer. But when the product after dry glossiness found enough bright, applied nitro acid varnish on the surface coating layer, to fully guarantee the product enough gloss. Simulation resin handicraft production technology are basically the same, only different is the surface of the product processing technology, this step in the simulation of resin handicraft production is also the most important step, for it is very important to the principle of material, the material of different product modelling artistic effect is also different.
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