Resin handicraft maintenance skills

by:Real Fine     2020-08-17
Nowadays, resin handicraft furnishing articles ornaments gradually entered into our bedroom, with its unique glamour is more and more attention. It is plain and elegant and cultural atmosphere, make household space more elegant, charming, let blunt space much a soft and warm. This is the magic of ordinary, make it adapted to the different levels of consumers, is a gift, for choice. Now more and more household adornment design, as long as a little to add a few modelling elegant resin furnishing articles tend to receive a good visual effect. The sense that gives a flavour hall added, can beautification bedroom environment atmosphere, rich living room environment colour, it is important to adjust the master life sentiment. So, how to maintain resin handicraft furnishing articles at ordinary times, can let its original luster forever? One, resin handicraft furnishing articles cleaning a lot of people find themselves in a dirty resin handicraft furnishing articles, often with a wet cloth to wipe, actually this kind of practice is wrong, because water enters the resin handicraft furnishing articles, it is easy to cause damage to the resin. When cleaning resin handicraft furnishing articles, therefore, to use dry cotton cloth or a feather duster will be wiped the dust on the resin handicraft. Second, resin handicraft furnishing articles polishing if found the luster of the resin handicraft furnishing articles at ordinary times is not good, can besmear brush will wax polish on the surface of the resin handicraft, rag wipe with polishing. Or a fabric containing wax or containing fat wipe. Third, resin handicraft storage resin handicraft furnishing articles furnishing articles is afraid of sun, so the usual resin handicraft furnishing articles cannot be in the sun insolates, otherwise the time is long is easy to cause crack. Second, resin handicraft furnishing articles are not as well in a damp place, will let the resin handicraft furnishing articles moldy long 'hair'. Therefore, the resin handicraft furnishing articles such as best put in sitting room or study reach of the sun. Resin handicraft furnishing articles as long as a good maintenance, can keep the original for a long time. Below, we take a look at some of the skills are used in normal maintenance: 1, do not impact or friction movement, so as not to appear on the surface of the scrape. 2, maintain the normal temperature, not hot and cold, the temperature difference is too big, especially not to local heating or cooling. 3, flat and smooth place, should not be placed directly on the desktop, it is best to use gaskets or flannelette. 4, keep the surface gloss and clean, must not touch oily be soiled on foreign bodies, etc. 5, appropriate USES pure water or warm water to join the neutral detergent to wipe clean, if use tap water, let stand for 12 hours. 6, avoid contact with strong acid and the corrosive gas, such as sulfur, chlorine, etc. Because resin handicraft of hardness is strong, equivalent to the strength of the soft jade, but also more brittle, cannot flap forcibly or collision, therefore in the process of use must be carefully on the maintenance and care, only in this way can ensure the decorative property and long service life.
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