Resin handicraft of modern arts and crafts design

by:Real Fine     2020-09-23
In the industrial market resin handicraft can say now occupies the important position, but in terms of the industrial market the bottleneck of arts and crafts design has emerged, until today in development of arts and crafts, arts and crafts of the audience have a nobleman from king, farming villagers there into a modern city public and middle class, in the face of such consumer groups still use traditional aesthetic idea is clearly inappropriate. Traditional aesthetic idea is conservative, bring us visual effect also is insipid, modern art is very pay attention to the innovation of ideas, give people the visual effect is also very striking. In the modern arts and crafts design, mal new aesthetic idea, will undoubtedly bring us unexpected visual effect, therefore affected by some kind of concept of arts and crafts design will bring us the feeling that find everything new and fresh. For resin crafts research and development of design concept is abstract, idea is very much, idea is a choice, ideas can be innovative. Today's developers on the one hand, to create a design conforms to taste resin handicraft of the broad masses of the people, on the other hand also update the design idea, to create with the characteristics of age can response level of contemporary art in China's modern arts and crafts. Resin handicraft to this huge market dominant position in the modern arts and crafts, will need a lot of excellent designers and the quality of practitioners, and arts and crafts is not general merchandise, it is assigned and the spiritual factors of practical works of art, therefore, resin handicraft industry participants must have corresponding artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability, so engaged in the resin handicraft designer must have a certain aesthetic accomplishment, but also should have modern aesthetic consciousness and the design idea, only in this way can create a good quality for the society, can be on behalf of the Chinese contemporary art and craft level of outstanding modern arts and crafts.
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