Resin handicraft production preparation process

by:Real Fine     2020-09-07
In recent years, along with the prevalence of decoration industry, resin, plastic, acrylic materials, arts and crafts, are emerging. Among them with resin as the main raw material, through the die casting molding resin handicraft, its delicate, exquisite beautiful, green glittering and translucent and bright is dazzing, beautiful, to become one of the most popular type of arts and crafts on the market at present. Resin material is imitation jade, imitation glass, copy the preferred crystal type, such as arts and crafts. Is not only actual effect, but it also has a strong sense of art, resin handicraft can make all kinds of simulation results, such as imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation mahogany, etc. Modelling elegant, rich variety, elegant texture. Cost is relatively low. In the current market is very popular. Processing and production of resin handicraft raw materials purchase is simple, less investment, processing method is simple, no space limitation, household production, can also be factory batch processing, wide prospect of market. A 1, raw materials, materials prepared resin handicraft processing, the main raw materials derived from petroleum resins, generally choose suitable processing technology of unsaturated resin, and also used silica gel, promoting agent, curing agent, light oil, release agent, color pure, heavy calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide powder, glass fiber cloth, acrylic paint, paint and other materials. Promoting agent and curing agent is very important in the process of resin handicraft processing two kinds of materials, solidification of slurry curing agent. Plays a role of catalytic promoter, speeds up the curing agent and the reaction of the slurry, reduce the curing time. In the production of resin handicraft, 25 degrees Celsius, the ratio of slurry, promoting agent, curing agent is generally 100:0. 2:3. In the actual production is affected by the change of temperature, humidity, proportioning ratio will be a slight change, the best configuration of the reentry after consult professional personage. Promoting agent and curing agent added order is also very important, first add promoter stir well, add curing agent, prevent premature curing agent react with slurry, curing in advance. Promoting agent and curing agent must not join at the same time, at the same time to join these two kinds of material is easy to occur chemical reaction, release a lot of heat, causing a fire. When depositing material also want to separate these two kinds of material storage. 2 needed tools, tools, resin handicraft processing is simpler, commonly used to have: plastic, disposable paper cup, brushes, scissors, small electric drill, plank, glue sticks, shovels, pen knife, brush, screwdriver, sand paper, etc. Second, prepare mold resin handicraft made by die casting, so to make resin handicraft to make mould first. 1, selection of die material resin handicraft in casting process can produce chemical reaction, release a large amount of heat, high temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius, the general natural rubber material can not meet the requirements of resin casting process, so has the very high heat stability of silicone rubber is generally selected as the mould material. It is not only resistant to high temperature, but also with the resin is not easy to adhesion, easy mold release. 2, mold resin handicraft production process used in the model species have two kinds, one is direct carving production mode, the other is a selected product used as a model of arts and crafts. In practical processing are generally choose market demand is big, popular with consumers do die, finished product handicraft production mold, mold is divided into single open, double open mold and injection mold mold 3 kinds. Production of different types of resin handicraft, the main difference is the mould manufacturing method and slurry modulation of different raw materials, casting and finishing method is generally the same. After preparation work well, they can be made.
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