Resin handicraft production process

by:Real Fine     2020-08-16
One said, ready to work preparing a stem ( 5 kg) , seasoning barrels ( Or plastic containers) , mixing rice ( Or chopstick) , small spoon, Plastic, aluminum, porcelain scoop) 。 Second, the mixing materials on the basis of the mould intrusive, made the number of goods, not saturated resin weighing out first, ( Us) Stir in seasoning barrels, then curing agent according to the ( Promoter) Increase the share of, first will take the not saturated resin, curing agent with abundant mixing, add mixing accelerator, energetic blend, attend the dilution, ( Mixing the same) Then on the basis of the required colour increase expected, ( The dosage of the pigment can be add and subtract, according to the types of different reach the required level to stop, commonly used for large paint) Add pigment with pigment with resin melt, mixing, and energetic stir evenly pour into a VAT again, base increase after mixing, increases with the mixing with increasing, the degree of until the stop. ( Tuned mixed slurry should be sticky to use a spoon scoop up after the felling can flow slowly) Third, the mould should place Fang Pingtan reverse mould, ( Level status) Die die surface should be clean, clean a can go to the water system. When pouring system with a small spoon scoop a spoonful of slurry slowly pour a spoonful, no dumping, will fall into, from the highest point to its natural flow, so you can push out the bubbles, otherwise, the products will have air hole. Note into the mould can't overflow mould peripheral, poured out after peripheral, should immediately arrange, eradication, otherwise need to machining, grinding after forming. The 1 - after slurry into the mould Demoulding after 2 hours condensation, condensation. Unsaturated resin technology products manufacturing method, it includes the following processes: ( 1) According to the shapes of resin technology products made with silicone rubber mould; ( 2) In unsaturated resin for appropriate packing and mixing evenly. ( 3) Before to die casting, the unsaturated resin, curing agent and accelerator, mixing evenly to the mold after pouring; ( 4) Resin curing after demoulding, can get the required shape technology products. Pouring all sorts of appearance simulation technology at room temperatures, the solid form of agile and details vividly, technology briefly. Four, color after the mold resin handicraft is generally white, the bulk of no color decoration, still need for the product before color fringes redundant to eliminate defects, get a tidy rules after the resin handicraft, again carries on the color.
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