Resin handicraft production processing

by:Real Fine     2020-09-25
Resin handicraft production process in general is: unsaturated resin ( Styrene containing benzene solvents etc. ) , curing agent, Cyclohexanone, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. ) , after mixing materials such as stone, grouting molding, polishing, alkaline cleaning, drying, painting, inspection, packaging and other processes. The production process of the main environmental factors are: all kinds of mechanical noise, mixing materials, grouting process of organic waste gas distributing, polishing powder, caustic washing wastewater, coloured drawing or pattern, Including paint) Organic waste gas, waste mould of waste gypsum, waste silica gel and chemical packaging waste, waste paint, oil, etc. Resin handicraft production process and link of pollutants. 5 environmental factors and control measures resin handicraft variety, its production technology also is not the same, the different pollution sources and pollutants, the environmental impact caused by the difference, mainly is the water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and solid waste emissions. Auditors should first understand the process of product and process, according to the process of judging the adequacy of the environmental factors identification, and according to the different pollution factors and pollution level, determine the rationality of its corresponding processing method. Resin handicraft wastewater waste water is mainly white base after alkali soak with water cannons flush surface residual alkali liquor and white powder produced by waste water, waste water of main pollutants is high pH, CODcr and SS, waste water neutralization, coagulation sedimentation control measures general standards. Exhaust gas mixing and grouting process of unsaturated resin solvent will send out a small amount of organic gas, organic gas composition is mainly cyclohexanone, styrene and other volatile organic compounds. Due to the organic waste gas concentration is not high, generally USES the ventilation smoke exhaust. White base polishing process produces a large number of dust, without governance will pollute the air in the workshop air and the surrounding environment, generally USES the cloth bag dust collector can be effective governance standards. Spray paint waste gas, the process of resin handicraft painting, painted fog, mist water can be used in addition to paint or spray paint, if the use of 'three benzene paint, the exhaust gas should be activated carbon adsorption and catalytic combustion emissions standards. Paint and painting process of organic waste gas of the impact scope mainly air in the workshop, the influence of the external environment air, generally USES ventilation smoke exhaust. Solid waste resin handicraft production process of waste gypsum can be directly recycled waste such as sale of cement, not recycling of general industrial solid waste can entrust city solid waste disposal unit processing. Waste paint bucket, resin barrels of chemicals such as packing materials recycling by suppliers, spent caustic sludge, waste resin, paint and other hazardous waste shall entrust a qualified unit safe disposal or recycling.
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