Resin handicraft simulation crafts made of

by:Real Fine     2020-09-30
In the arts and crafts market is now the most popular is the resin handicraft, resin handicraft is popular in recent years in the great river north and south, in the home decoration occupies the unusual counterpoint, its simulation is a hilarious, arts and crafts for the simulation of surface processing technology, arts and crafts then told the following: 1. Archaize resin sculpture is the main raw material formula is cinnabar, banana oil, nitro acid varnish. First put into the container and cinnabar in into a little banana oil dry paste, add a little nitro acid varnish evenly mixed, can besmear on the product body. After being coated twice dry, reoccupy nitro acid varnish for surface polishing treatment, if you need to copy annatto products become dark red color layer, can be in tune cinnabar when the material liquid drop a few drops of carbon black ink, can achieve the ideal effect. 2. Main formula raw material is imitation bone carving handicraft iron oxide yellow, banana oil, nitro acid varnish. Before besmear brushs imitation bone carving handicraft product to burnish of body surface must be smooth without any hair to prevent spots. Then put the iron oxide yellow powder, add a little banana oil and a half to thin paste, the besmear to brush with the brush on the body. Two times to paint dry after appearing, nitro acid varnish for polishing processing, became the imitation bone carving resin handicraft. 3. Imitation ceramic crafts main raw materials is waterproof formula resin, pigment, paint. Handicraft body smooth first, and then coated with a thin layer of waterproof resin, after waiting for resin half dry dispatch has good glaze paint besmear to brush up, and let the glaze in body paint the free flowing, to produce a natural flow curve is beautiful. If dissolved the several different colors, but not easy to mutual mixing glaze blended material, so the product surface will produce the effect of the peculiar color decorative pattern. 4. Imitation of boxwood crafts main raw material formula is shellac varnish, nitro acid varnish. Can directly use the brush to shellac varnish coating on the product body. Namely the besmear again will produce boxwood, besmear brushs twice, then make polishing processing is complete (with varnish Shellac varnish is shellac in a wine after soaked until completely dissolved in the semen) In the field of resin handicraft surface processing technology, deep research of quanzhou, as the leader of the industry, dedicated to the resin handicraft manufacturing for 20 years, has been unremitting study of simulation of resin handicraft products manufacturing.
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