Resin handicraft tourism product design

by:Real Fine     2020-09-24
With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, tourism product development and design in the prominent position. How to from the perspective of folk custom and cultural connotation of mining development distinctive modern arts and crafts, is a very important topic. Resin handicraft development in what is now also has no small achievement, as for the travel industry resin handicraft development foreground is very considerable. Resin handicraft belong to the sustainable development of tourism, renewable resources, and tourism resources exploitation is dried up. Any tourist area for development of tourism resources are relatively limited, can not indefinitely, endless development. Many tourist areas to take the afforestation or limit daily number of visitors is for the purpose of protecting natural tourism resources. Visible, limiting excessive development of tourism resources has become the consensus of the industry. Compared, the development of tourism resin handicraft can not be restricted by these conditions, can be large, mass production, as long as the design research and development of sustainability can be guaranteed, tourism resin handicraft production, upgrade and update can be continued. It should be said that this is the expansion and extension of tourism resources, is the important means to realize the sustainable development of tourism resources and the way. Make travel resin handicraft brand. Modern society is a pervasive social goods brand, tourism resin handicraft is a spirit can bring people to a higher level to enjoy the goods, and certainly should have our own brand. Brand can bring tourist souvenirs. On the one hand, resin handicraft can help the tourism destination brand, the brand combined with tourism destination; On the other hand brand resin handicraft has high added value, can obtain a more generous returns.
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