Resin handicraft VS traditional hand craft: product design and production of very heavy

by:Real Fine     2020-10-03
Market is by far the most popular home decoration or resin handicraft, people who know the resin handicraft should also know, resin handicraft design theme and craftsmanship are inheritance and traditional handicrafts, so these handicraft furnishing articles compared with the traditional arts and crafts, that is, material is qualitative different, seem to be almost in shape, resin handicraft can boom cannot leave the renovation of its design. Traditional handicrafts, because of the material, in the production of the products is also very limited, also it is difficult to realize the mass production, in today's materialistic society is difficult to meet the demands of the people, and the resin handicraft is on the contrary, there is no limit on the design of the product, no matter what kind of products, no matter size, as long as it is home decoration needs can be designed and manufactured, and at the same time, because of the material, resin handicraft production base is done with the mould out reverse mould then on polishing by hand, so basically also implements the batch production of products, can well meet the demand of the market. Traditional handicraft products based on the material of products and pure handmade craft, make produced by the product is very fine, but will be relatively drab, and the resin handicraft is different, because the material of resin, the product production is full of infinite possibility, it can take resin for the production of material products, can also be combined with other products to produce different products, resin handicraft on the market a lot of simulation is combined with other materials. Although now on the market of resin handicraft occupying larger market, but also is not to say that traditional handicrafts to quit the stage of history, it is still loved by handicraft lovers, as China's intangible cultural heritage at the same time, its value is resin crafts incomparable.
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