Resin handicraft VS traditional hand craft: The Times and changes of the market

by:Real Fine     2020-10-03
Along with the continuously penetration household market resin handicrafts, household life of people also gradually cannot leave the resin handicraft, the decoration of the house of everyone is not casually, this is a space that belongs to oneself completely, therefore in the household would be very careful to consider on the decoration of each household act the role ofing is tasted the adornment effect. In home decoration market, traditional handicraft has long been a household adornment in the first place, it is attractive not only traditional handicraft production of exquisite, more is itself gives more meaning and inheritance of history and culture breath, resin handicraft is the continuation of the traditional handicraft production concept, the subject matter of the product has been endowed with Chinese historical and cultural landscape, as the design resources, it is also a resin handicraft can open the home market. In inherit the traditional handicraft, resin handicraft production, has made significant changes, that is in the simulation products have made a major breakthrough, the production of resin handicraft, because of the material can be combined with other materials, to produce a variety of different simulation crafts, now on the market there is imitation bronze, imitation mahogany, imitation jade, imitation glass and a series of products, these simulation handicraft production are quite elegant, but also by the broad masses of people chase after hold in both hands and love. In contemporary household on the market have rarely see the figure of traditional arts and crafts, resin crafts continuously updated improvement in its home market has become more and more popular, quanzhou to the demand of the market has been in constant study, hope in the resin handicraft market change, can in time to the direction of the research and development of resin handicraft to adjust in time, make resin handicraft can not abandoned by the market, not abandoned by time.
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