Resin handicraft will to go on

by:Real Fine     2020-09-18
In the late 1990 s, resin handicraft began quietly in popular on the market, and then began to outbreak, became the most popular arts and crafts market at the time of dark horse, it not only through the arts and crafts markets, but also brought great pressure to home decoration industry, it with the unique charm attracts the attention of countless people. Resin handicraft aesthetic and practical features, determines the practical function of the resin handicraft, sometimes the practicability is independent and sometimes this independence is application attached to spare. The application range of the resin handicraft is market demand for resin handicraft. Resin handicraft application scope is widespread, mainly daily necessities of life, Such as lotion bottle, soap dish, flower POTS, craft glass, candlestick, etc. ) Accessories, household environment ( Such as craft, decorative wall hanging lamps and lanterns, wall carving, furniture, etc. ) , tourism souvenirs ( Such as carved with representative architecture or landscape tourist attractions of small objects, picture frames, etc. ) , business promotional gifts ( As a key ring, lighters, bottle opener, etc. ) , some office supplies, stationery, Like bookends, pen barrels, cardcase, game box, etc. ) , holiday, birthday gift, Such as Christmas, Santa Claus, the Easter eggs, couples decorations, etc. ) 。 Items in modern society; infinite enrichment of resin process is widely used in the larger range. For the modelling of rich products, improve the product of culture, appreciating continuously play a role. With modern life demand is increasing in arts and crafts, resin handicraft market potential will continue to expand, the development of the resin handicraft is diverse, molding process resources development will also be manifold. The development and research of resin handicraft design resources will be increasingly deepened.
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