Riga, the capital of Latvia, is one of Northern

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History Riga was built by German crusaders and early buildings and churches were put up in a Romanesque and Gothic styles which German craftsmen and Cistercian monks brought from Northern Germany. People have occasionally called Riga little Paris while Napoleon once referred to it as a suburb of London. This may be because Napoleon never conquered London or Riga. Famous For Riga is famous for its drinks and it often seems the locals never stop partying. There is something for everyone on Riga city breaks. Bars in Riga are open seven days a week and the minimum legal drinking age is 18. Riga has a wide range of gambling opportunities. The age restriction for gambling is 21 years and passports are required upon casino entry. The drinks are reasonably priced and there are some very good nights clubs at weekends. Weather In Riga Riga's weather is not too harsh as the Baltic sea is just over 12km away from it.Winters are long, dark and bitter but spring and summer days are often sunny. Sunshine fills the city's numerous parks. Events & Festivals As such, there has been a trend towards encouraging tourists to enjoy the festivals and other events celebrated throughout the year in Riga.Events which travelers might enjoy include the biggest beer festival in Baltics in Riga, Vermanes garden. Gadatirgus Arts and Crafts Fair happens the first week of June and tourists often come to enjoy purchasing local handicrafts. There are Old School Party, Riga International Fantasy Film Festival, Rigas Ritmi , The International Festival of Organ Music is a June event enjoyed by musicians and music aficionados as well as by tourists. What to See There is so much to see in Riga and the best way to explore the rich history and colourful culture of the city is by foot. Shopping is a delight in Riga. Riga Central Market, one of the largest markets in Eastern Europe, is visited daily by 80,000 to 100,000 people. There are some other famous places to see like St. Peter's Church, Old Town, Freedom Monument, House of Blackheads, Daugava River, Three Brothers, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Dome Cathedral.
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