Russia crafts buying guide

by:Real Fine     2020-09-05
Handicrafts is one of the most like to buy souvenirs tourists in Russia. Below, will be to introduce you to some of the most interesting handicrafts in Russia. A, the Russian dolls Russian dolls is one of the most famous symbol of Russia, is favorite souvenirs tourists even Hollywood stars. You may be surprised to find that this kind of arts and crafts of the history of only one hundred years or so, but an old feels like. Second, micro lacquer painting Mr Palmer lech lech miniature lacquer painting is Ivan nuovo region palmer lech village of a form of folk art. This painting style is derived from the ancient, darfur and Moscow icon painting tradition ( 15 - In the 16th century) 。 Since the 1920 s, Mr Column h artists began in the box, brooches, cartridges, glasses boxes, and painted on the ashtray. These miniatures usually based on the theme of the daily life, classical literature, fairy tales, folk poems and songs. These works had won the gold MEDALS in 1923 Paris world expo. Three, with HuoHeLuo adornment wood in adornment to draw on wood HuoHeLuo horse is very famous and did get nizhny novgorod sensation. You know, adornment HuoHeLuo horse have the same origin with Russian dolls? In the past, they are all created by the same association, but in 1928, adornment HuoHeLuo horse, artists began to focus on the tableware and furniture. Four, Mr Roger, Mr Roger coloured drawing or pattern, coloured drawing or pattern is one of the so-called naive art form. It originated in nizhny novgorod region village near the town of Mr Roger, production of carve patterns or designs on woodwork spinning wheel. At first, the local craftsmen decorated spinning wheel with embedded technology. Mr Roger, the artist's traditional creation theme is various scenarios ( Carnival, drinking tea, rode on the famous Mr Roger, horse, etc. ) , bird or animal motifs ( The cock, horses, lions, leopards) And flowers design. Five, the famous pottery, hot, hot, blue and white porcelain is one of the most popular with tourists in the Russian souvenirs. Ceramics is a small town on the outskirts of Moscow and draw, each piece of works made by local craftsmen are unique. Lattice heat, ( Distance, 57 km southeast of Moscow) Is famous for high quality clay, so the local potters become the pioneer of porcelain production in Russia it is not surprising. Heat in the early 19th century, the craftsman to start producing tableware and sculptures, and draw blue on white background's iconic design. Six, shawls Pavlov at Cape Town can use all the year round, but the shawl at only suitable for winter use. This unique scarf is unique with the region at the goat breed made of wool, shawl is thick and soft. The goat already adapt to the harsh winter weather, snow storms and low temperature. This goat wool reached 17 microns in diameter, thinner than a human hair 4 times, 15 times finer than Angora. Seven, if stowe, coloured drawing or pattern if stowe, coloured drawing or pattern is an ancient Russian folk arts and crafts style, give priority to with paint on the metal tray. In 40 km from Moscow if stowe walter village still in that kind of handicraft production. Now, if stowe masterpiece he painted in each big museum, and income of the Russian federation's most valuable cultural products list, as valentino ( Valentino) , dolce & gabbana ( Dolce & Gabbana) And Germany, rice & middot; Van ( 干van Noten) And other designers with creative inspiration. Eight, rostov enamel of the 18th century pick: ( 200 km) northwest from Moscow Appear on the enamel work. In 1917 Russia after the October revolution, the process style was thriving, the local craftsmen to make colorful tiny flowers design. Nine, demme kwong small clay figurine demme kwong small clay figurine is truly unique toys, toys per piece has its own theme and design. This is one of Russia's oldest handicraft, was invented more than 400 years ago before the Kirov, kwong village. Today, the toy masters still guarding their own traditions.
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