San Francisco is a dynamic and lively cosmopolitan

by:Real Fine     2020-07-07
1. Golden Gate Bridge - You may have seen this beautiful bridge in large number of movies, books, postcards.. The majestic suspension structure spans over 2.7 kms and connects the main city to Marine County. According to a report by San Francisco Convention and Visitor Bureau -'about nine million people from different parts of the world visit here every annually'. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the picturesque views of city, the Bay, the Pacific Ocean and Marine Headlands. You can take a stroll on the bridge and get to know life in San Francisco. 2. Cable Car Museum - Riding in world famous cable car can be a unique way to explore various sights and sounds of this vivacious city. Furthermore, if you are interested in learning about cable car heritage, you can pay a visit to the famous cable car museum. It houses a unique collection of cable cars, photos, mechanical devices. You can buy beautiful cable car gifts or souvenirs for your loves ones from gift shop here. 3. Fisherman's Wharf- It is one of the most visited, fun tourist attractions. The place derives its name from the Gold rush days when Italian emigre fisherman resided here and practiced fishing to make living. You can indulge in great food, entertainment pursuits, shopping, or simply broaden your knowledge about the region's eventful history. Other than endless tourist spots, various events, tours and parades held here keep the spirit of the city alive. Come here on cheap San francisco flights and capture its myriad moods and flavors. 4. San Francisco Zoo - It is located in the southwestern corner of the city between Lake Merced and the Pacific Ocean. Spread in an area of 100-acre, this zoo is home to 260 species of animals. It famous tourist spot has emerged as an important leisure and educational centre. Earlier, it was named as Fleishhacker Zoo after its founder and Parks Commission president Herbert Fleishhacker. One can enjoy diverse wild life and stunning botanical collection here. If you are travelling along with your young ones, they will never forget a date with this inspiring attraction. Travelling to this diverse city can be a unique experience for anyone. One can discover something new, different and refreshing during their each visit to San Francisco.
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