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by:Real Fine     2020-07-02
The company mainly focuses on the integrity, customer delight and commitment to deliver on time with absolute quality and architecture. Luxury apartments provided by Shanta Sriram brings you the essence of fine living with unmatched value. The brand name Shanta Sriram Constructions is the topnotch real estate developers in Hyderabad offers a wide range of home options that include residential, commercial, luxury apartments and shopping malls, hotels and also land development. The company uses the finest building materials and reputed architects to create homes that are being popularly lauded in Hyderabad as a benchmark in builder excellence. Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt Ltd. started its humble beginnings 16 years ago under the guidance of Mr. M. Narsaiah and Mr. M. Lingaiah, who are the directors and chief promoters of the company. The company, as on date embarked the identity as 'One of the reputed builders in Hyderabad' chiefly due to its accurate mix of integrity, on-time delivery, superior quality and state-of-the-art architectural designs. Shanta Sriram redefine luxury, quality and fine living luxury apartments in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at all prime locations. Shanta Sriram luxury apartments come with an unique features like: Designer fixtures, Art Deco Lighting, Concrete Stained, Wood, Carpeted Flooring Options 10' Ceilings and 8' doors, Exotic Bamboo Floors, Ceramic Flooring, Stunning Modern Kitchens, European inspired bathrooms, Washer and Dryer in each luxury apartment with all advanced security features. One can find balanced mix of spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments with endless luxury amenities in every room. You will also find best environmental features and amenities which are not found in any other so called 'luxury apartments' in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad's noted builder Shanta Sriram Constructions primarily focuses on quality construction that offers the unique and innovative living spaces at unbelievable prices that also meets customers' expectations and needs. Shanta Sriram's luxury apartments in Hyderabad are constructed at the prime locations that are easily accessible, close to all facilities, ideal for peaceful living, pollution free environment and well connected to all modes of transport. These luxury apartments come with aesthetically modern designed interiors and countless facilities at reasonable prices to fit everyone's budget. Shanta Sriram project provides a great deal of work goes into each of our luxury apartments, which are designed by the world renowned architects and built by the finest crafts persons. We also pay painstaking attention to every detail and work to ensure that each venture is completed on time. Shanta Sriram optimizes the design of each luxury apartments to get maximum usage of space and endeavors to use finest materials that compliment such design. The selected materials are not just aesthetically appealing but also easily maintainable in the long run while having the best quality to infuse luxury into every step of Shanta Sriram's Luxury apartments. The construction work for Shanta Sriram Luxury Apartments at Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad has begun and promises to deliver the homes on time. The company has successfully promoted a number of real estate ventures in Andhra Pradesh and is all set to carry out more prestigious projects in the future. Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd warmly invite you to explore our world: visit our ventures, meet our development team and reputed architects, discover how we work and what we have achieved.
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