Sika deer handicraft moral

by:Real Fine     2020-09-11
In recent years, the sika deer crafts become jewelry has entered people's lives, and in the company, hotel and industry from all walks of life are scrambling for suspension of town house have best fortune into the house. Sika deer is one of China's ancient mascot, is now a national level to protect animals in China. Deer of lucky fetish in China since ancient times has said, a land of deer, all agree, spirit, in the mountains, beautiful scenery, near house curtilage AnCai flourishing. Kangxi out inspector when hunting has called 'deer is the holy things of the evil don't abuse; Folk have 'LuNaiXian beast - the legend again, since the ancient times, people praise bolt are of deer. 'Deer' and a symbol of 'lu harmonics is take its implication, embodies the official meaning, and give the' spotted 'and' list of the plum blossom 'also have certain connection, is the symbol of shaoxing reader then good. People often to 'both' metaphor for the world, deer became the symbol of wealth. Deer also symbolize longevity, and promotion. Legend for the pale deer, one thousand, two thousand for the xuan deer. So the deer is the immortal beast of longevity. Deer guard ganoderma lucidum immortality regularly with the crane. Deer words and three onstar again: 'fu, lu, shou' in lu word homophones, so it is also commonly used in some design organization to represent longevity and prosperity. Sika deer handicraft is the symbol of power and success, luck and majesty, can bless prosperous business road smooth all the way, the money is rolling in and the road to success career bon voyage. And sika deer can give a person with return to return to nature of pure and fresh, let you in irritation and the fast pace of life experience the feeling of pure and fresh and pleasing to the eye, and can make wealth and style be in harmony are an organic whole.
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