So you're off to London, perhaps you spent all

by:Real Fine     2020-06-24
First off, the art galleries, even if you're not an art critic it won't stop you enjoying some of the fantastic exhibitions in some of the best galleries in the world. Although there are plenty around and they range in size, there are a handful of internationally renowned galleries with works from Botticelli to Banksy, Da Vinci to Damien Hirst, you are sure to find something that interests you. Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery both offer some of the finest and controversial modern art in the world while Tate Britain and the National Gallery house collections dating back hundreds of years with fine art and crafts. All are free and many open late so take a look around and enjoy yourself. The next obvious choice would be the Museums, London is home to some 300+ fantastic museums on a wide range of subjects, most notable the British Museum but other favourites include the Science Museum, National History Museum and Imperial War Museum. They are spread all over London and almost all are free, particularly the main ones. You could easily spend a few days just going round a few museums so choose carefully if you only have a weekend to play with. London is home to a wide range of parks and gardens from the vast Hyde Park which is often host to events and shows throughout the year, to the more intimate Queen Mary's Rose Garden in Regent's Park. All are obviously free but you will need to check online for information on the events and shows. London is a known the world over for some of its most famous landmarks, ask anyone what they first think of then you say 'London' and they will probably reel off landmarks like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey. These are all free to go and see although going inside is a little trickier. Most are within walking distance if you're willing to be on your feet all day but if you would be mad to visit London and NOT see any of these sights. Something that many people neglect to visit when in London are the wide range of street markets available. Obviously they are only free to visit, you have to pay for the products, but they can make for a great day out and an interesting alternative to high street shopping. Some popular favourites include Camden Market, Portobello Market, Greenwich Market and Brick Lane Market although there are many more.
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