Soft outfit handicraft purchase experience and skills

by:Real Fine     2020-09-01
Before choosing soft outfit handicraft, the first thing to understand the classification, overall household crafts can be divided into two categories: the first category is purely decorative, no practical, but adornment effect is very strong, and some artistic value is also high, such as exquisite ancient porcelain, calligraphy and painting works, sculpture, etc. ; The second type is in adornment at the same time, also has a certain practical, such as wine, tea sets, vases, lamps and lanterns or art. Here are some soft outfit handicraft purchase experience and skills: one, from style to choose soft outfit handicraft to combine the overall style, for example in contracted style, has the design feeling soft outfit craft is very suitable for the character of the whole space; If in the home country style, it is mainly with rustic style act the role ofing tastes the home; Chinese style household is suitable to choose the traditional calligraphy and painting, antique pottery, bronze ware, etc. ; Fashionable modern style can choose colour and modelling more individuation, act the role ofing is tasted with fashionable breath. Second, came up out of the rules to choose in general, choose soft outfit handicraft is proportional to the size and height, space, soft outfit craft specification, the greater the space needed. Soft outfit handicraft and the proportion of interior space to appropriate, soft outfit handicraft is too big, can make the space appears crowded, but is too small, also can let a space appear empty, and stingy. Three, from modelling to choose furniture modelling is to determine the model on the basis of soft outfit arts and crafts. Conventional collocation good formula, round round, but if adopt the way of comparing the effect will be more unique, such as round formula, horizontal vertical, complex shape matches form concise, etc. Around four, from color to choose placement is to determine the soft outfit craft on the basis of color, the commonly used method is of two kinds: one kind of harmonious color, selection and placement is relatively close to the color of the such as red with pink, white and grey. Yellow and orange, etc. Another with contrasting colors, that is, the selection and placement of contrast color, such as black and white, blue and yellow, white and green, etc. Contrasting colors usually easy to let the atmosphere was active, color coordination is beneficial to elegant performance. Also can choose a few more full of fragrance of flowers, to offset caused by the light of visual defects.
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