SPAIN is one of the largest countries in the south

by:Real Fine     2020-06-21
CHRISTMAS, LESS IMPORTANT? Although there are many traditions that represent Christmas in Spain, this holiday is not the most important one for the Spanish people. It seems that 'The holy week' takes a higher place in the heart of Spaniards. The entire week, from Palm Sunday up to Easter Sunday is a long demonstration of mourning. For the Catholic people, this is a week marked by numerous parades and processions permeated by a deep religious feeling. People in Spain wait for this so called 'Holy Week,' displaying boundless enthusiasm. Of all the countries in the Catholic community, Spain seems to most enjoy this period. EACH REGION WITH ITS CUSTOMS Andaluzia, being formed by provinces like Malaga, Sevilla, Cordoba, or Granada, is said to be one of the regions that have best preserved the traditions regarding this religious holiday. In any village from Andaluzia you can meet nocturnal processions, or in the sun you can see the crowd of villiagers holding palm leaves in front of the revered statue of Jesus Christ. The focus is represented by the so called 'pasos,' on which are placed very realistic figures in theatrical photos - although in some places of the country, this week culminates with the burning ceremony of the effigy of Judas. In Malaga, this tradition dates back since before the XVth and XVIth centuries. The streets are crossed by crowds of people admiring the beautifully decorated statues, works of various monk fraternities. The air is fragrant from the flower perfume, and the entire town looks as if it is dressed in gold and shine. Everything, starting with the atmosphere, the excitement and finishing with the art and passion of the creators of beauty and the faith help people to create a magnificent atmosphere - an unforgettable one. With all these, having so many regions, Spain also has a large variety of customs, especially in what concerns this period of the year. WHY SHOULD YOU BE IN SPAIN DURING 'THE HOLY WEEK?' In one of his writings during his journies, Jan Morris said that 'there are few shows on earth that look like this saint's parades in Spain, during the 'Holy Week'.' You should pay attention to this, and reserve some of your time to go and visit Spain before and during the Easter holiday.
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