Spray paint on the surface of the resin handicraft skills

by:Real Fine     2020-08-13
Want to resin handicraft has the appearance of the perfect! For the surface of the handicraft painting also should have many exquisite. Because first of all, resin materials handicraft and toy because of its high degree of finish, corrosion resistance, modelling diversity is very popular in the market, but the resin itself is transparent, to make it all sorts of handicraft must spray paint, color is rich and colorful. What kind of paint is suitable for the coating on the surface of resin? 1, entity to dry, white tire to do appearance no maggots eye, sand and dust. 2, good will dilute black paint spray evenly on the white tire, put white child dressed in spray painting frame, to do a backup. Generally choose the nitro black paint, because this kind of paint low solid content, make product texture clear, in addition the paint dry quickly, construction efficiency is high. 3, don't adjust too much, every time the transfer gold oil and copper powders to 1:1 to make a golden ink, in order to control it is advisable to use up within 4 hours. Resin handicraft (4), a small piece of glass rubbed a few times, dip in with pig hair brush with a little gold ink. Make gold ink in pig hair brush on mixed evenly, and then use the brush on spray the black paint white births, protruding parts for exposure to the gold ink brush is golden, raised parts because of no access to such is still black soon swept the whole surface, an antique copper products will show in the eyes. 5 sweep, stay on the gold ink after drying, placed a period of time. Spray a layer of varnish, the product is light, can be stored for a long time. 6, in case of hard effect next time use, used a brush to wash clean with gasoline.
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