Spring Break is just around the corner; a week

by:Real Fine     2020-06-25
1.Visit Crafters 4 Kids Online - We have some creative frugal kids' crafts that do not require a lot of time or craft materials. For instance, make a pet mouse using a rock, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and a pom pom nose. Children can even take it a step further and design some fake cheese or even make a tiny shoebox home. 2.Head outside - Take a walk outside and explore your surroundings. Have children identify different tree, plants, and bugs. Or collect small sticks or branches on your walk and bring them home to paint. Use your painted branches as a table centerpiece. 3.Visit your local library - Libraries are a wonderful resource for kids' activities. Take advantage of your libraries resources including story-time, book clubs, and craft activities. 4.Plant a garden - Get the soil ready to plant a garden or if you are in area that you still run the risk of frost, start the little seedlings indoors. Children will have a wonderful time starting the garden, deciding which vegetables and fruits to grow, and designing a diagram of where to place plants. Help children even create a gardening journal to keep track of their plants progress. 5.Visit your local park - Parks are so much fun, children can easily get their energy out and visit with fellow classmates and neighborhood children. Plan a play-date at the park with friends and have a picnic lunch while you are there! 6.Pretend Play - Have children make their own masks and put on a play. Get creative designing the set and props, too. 7.Family Board Game Night- Have children design their own board game with their own rules and game pieces. Then play the board game at night after dinner as a family. 8.Plan a bike trip - Plan a small bike trip with children. Have children decorate their handlebars with stickers and ribbons. Children can also decorate their helmets with stickers and adhesive craft foam. Planning ahead and coming up with creative frugal ways to spend time with your children this Spring Break will make the week spent together that much more enjoyable.
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